Ideas ‘n’ Whatnot

So i’ve had a couple ideas for projects and suggestions in mind for a little bit, one of which I have already talked about in the meeting before last.

My first suggestion/idea is that we somehow implement a forum or discussion board to allow groups of people to communicate separately (visually) from the rest of the group sand information.  If each group had their own forum subpage that I think should still be accessible to everybody, it would be easier to quickly communicate your ideas, share work, etc.  In other words, a more targeted area for collaboration.  Maybe we call it… The Col(lab)oration? :) )

Also, maybe a Documents page?  Dropbox?  a Network or web of collaborative starting/unfinished/ongoing pieces.

As far as my ideas, they haven’t really changed since what I had talked about.  Although, I do kind of want to reiterate my interest in animation.  For example, simple camera rails/movement for a project walkthrough or something similar.  Also, movement of objects would be nice.  An animation of your building being cut into 3D sections would be really cool and resourceful in my opinion.

Sooo yeahhh…..

</long rant>


One thought on “Ideas ‘n’ Whatnot

  1. COL(LAB)ORATION! Wonderful.

    I definitely think a dropbox/file/drive server is going to be necessary. Who’s setting this up? What’s the least restrictive in terms of storage space? I think if we start sharing rhino files it’ll fill up quickly.

    Presentation of ideas in an animation sounds great. I think it would make the project clear and concise, and it also gives us an opportunity to put on screens and have it running. Also, I maybe be wrong, but I got the idea that you’re also talking about making the actual project a kinetic piece too. I think that’s what was in mind last year, but there were details that made it less applicable. Maybe Ivan could tell us more about what they found with that.

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