Kinetics – High Tech to No Tech Strategies


  • the branch of mechanics that deals with the actions of forces in producing or changing the motion of masses.
  • the branch of dynamics that excludes the study of bodies at rest
  • a branch of science that deals with the effects of forces upon the motions of material bodies or with changes in a physical or chemical system

High Tech Options:

  • One option to address the adaptability or physical mechanics of this project is the use of shape memory alloys (SMA). Shape changing materials have the ability to adapt to environmental conditions brought on by sensory input. In my example I used SMA wire as an actuator to simulate the opening and closing of a aperture. Pricing varies as a result of pull force and length. $1.37/ft to $3.05/ft

Example 1 , Example 2 , Example 3 , Example 4

  • Rather than use wire we could explore SMA sheet material.

Smarter Buildings: USC Architect Doris Sung

Low Tech

No Tech

Consider using bike gears, cogs, chains, and counter weights to open and close parts of the enclosure. A source for used bike parts are local police auctions and prices vary between $1 – $10. Eugene Police auction is March 24th @ 90485 Auction Way, Eugene OR 90402 – 541-689-3901


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